Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Success School

In the few weeks after we signed up as Advocare Distributors, Paul and I continued using the products and told everyone we talked to about the company and the opportunity. We sold a few products to this friend and that, but no one seemed interested in signing up with us.

It was discouraging.

Our sponsor had mentioned Success School to us several times, but the month of August was already so full that we didn't want to make a commitment. Finally, around the end of July we committed to attend Success School August 9-10. The first 10 days of August were So Stressful and full, and my anxiety level was through the roof.

That fateful Saturday morning Paul and I overslept due to a late night the night before. Great way to begin Success School, arriving one hour late!

It didn't matter, y'all. Because as soon as we got off that elevator in the Sheraton Dallas, I felt peace. Sure, I was nervous throughout the day. I always am in new situations. But at the same time, I was excited. The atmosphere was electric, I'm telling ya, and the information and encouragement? Awesome.

But was Paul excited? It was hard to tell. Until that evening, when we sat in our bedroom and he started talking.

"Okay, so is what they said..."
"What do we have to do to..."
"Here's what I think we should do."

He was excited. Chapel and General Session on Sunday solidified it, and We Were Ready. All the way home and all night Sunday we talked about our plans.

But it was on Monday, y'all, that it finally clicked for me. We were at Advocare Headquarters picking up an order, and I went into the ladies' restroom. I was admiring the beautiful granite counter tops, and wanting to have beautiful granite in my home, and that's when I realized this:

We will never have anything more if we don't make it happen ourselves. The lottery or hard work - those are our choices. And we choose to work, with a company that has helped people change their lives - Advocare.

It will take sacrifices and it will mean getting out of our comfort zone. But you know what? We're ready to change our lives.

Watch us.

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